Keeping a Low Profile | WhitetailDNA Journal

By Alex Comstock 

Last week's journal post chronicled my dilemma that I was having with what buck to focus my hunting efforts on. Well, not much has changed since, but I have started do make strides on my decision of what I'm going to do going forward. I have done a few things differently, which hopefully end up with me putting my tag on a mature North Dakota whitetail. 

Low Profile: After posting my journal last Wednesday, I have only hunted twice since. And only once in the area where the buck I call "Shaq" lives. My thoughts on how to approach the next few weeks is probably going to be to monitor the cameras I have in his area and try to be as low impact as possible. Yes, this is a buck I would love to shoot, but the last thing I want to do is to mess anything up now, still early in the season. 

Going Back to What's Good: This past weekend, I was out checking cams at a piece of public land I call "Trips Wide" (where Tyler shot his buck we called "Trips Wide" last year). As I was getting my belongings together at the truck, a guy pulled up on a four wheeler that ended up being the landowner of the adjacent soybean field. He clued me in on a couple "big bucks" he had seen in the field, and I had a good idea of which ones he was talking about. After checking the cams, the bucks I know of in the area didn't show, but I had a new buck show up that I would categorize as a shooter. 

A new buck that showed up on public property. 

A new buck that showed up on public property. 

After sitting so many times in the area where the giant I call "Shaq" is most likely living, last night me and Tyler decided to go back to trips wide, and see what happened. We know there are multiple shooters in the area, and figured with a perfect wind we would give it a shot. We ended up seeing a few does, and 1 small buck, but it was a breath of fresh air sitting in a different spot and seeing a few deer. 

Throughout the next week, I will continue to monitor my trail cams, and hope "Shaq" shows up. But if he doesn't, I don't think I want to spend all of my time chasing a ghost. I haven't shot enough deer in my life to hold out for a 180" buck, when I have multiple mature bucks over 140"/150" inches in other areas. Hopefully, I can make something happen in the next week, and make next Wednesday's journal post a little more interesting!