Our Partners

From the day WhitetailDNA was started, my goal was always to partner with only the best companies in the deer hunting industry that I knew I could get behind, trust, and actually believe in. Below are our partners, and I encourage you to check them out!


Exodus was born out of an idea. The desire to see a trail camera company dedicated, not only to building elite products, but also to backing them up like no other company is willing, with an unmatched level of customer service and support. 

Wicked Tree Gear was created to fix what was broken. To build a product line of tree trimming equipment that was as close to bomb proof as manufacturing will allow; but precise enough to continue functioning properly for the life of the product.

DeerLab's trail camera hunting software helps you remember when & where to hunt bucks on your hit list, all while simplifying how you manage photos. 

The use of fresh deer urine is an effective way to improve your deer hunting experience and as a hunter, I have used it for years. However, the biggest problem with conventional deer scent lures is the mess. Traditionally, the urine is stored in a bottle, which creates a mess when you try to use it, and it smells bad when you have to store it between hunts. Wild Carrot solves this problem