Behind The Draw Season 4 - Featured Video

By Alex Comstock

If I had to make a list of the absolute best deer hunting shows out there, no doubt Heartland Bowhunter would be at the top. Beyond their normal show they create, they also produce a mini-series that airs on CarbonTV called Behind the Draw. Well, season four just dropped, and I wanted to bring that to your attention if you didn't already know. 

This is another fantastic way to soak up more whitetail content, and just as their main TV show is, this series is beautifully produced, and is not only enjoyable to watch, but there is a lot to learn. 

Below I included a link for you to head over and watch the first episode of season four. If you haven't watched this show before, don't be afraid to clear some time to catch up on the previous three seasons as well!

Behind The Draw - Season 4 Episode 1