5 Hunting Blogs You Need To Be Reading

By Alex Comstock

Online media and blogs have continually grown more and more over the years. I would venture to say that a majority of people that consume their deer hunting information does so online. With that said, I wanted to focus on a few blogs that I read, and that contain a wealth of knowledge which I believe are worth following. So here we go in no particular order. 

1. WhitetailDNA - Shameless plug here. Next month it'll be one year that this blog has been around, and I think in the past year, there has been a lot of great content posted here, and it will just get better and better. My goal with this blog is to post as much valuable content as possible to hopefully help you become a better deer hunter. Keep your eyes out in the future, as I intend to crank up the content even more in the coming months and years. Below I've posted links to some of my most popular blog posts. 

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2. Wired To Hunt - Wired To Hunt is a blog run by Mark Kenyon. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess that most of you know who Mark is, or have at least heard of Wired To Hunt. What makes Wired To Hunt so useful to people is the consistency in which content is posted. Mark makes it a point to get some type of post published each day of the work week, whether that be a hunting story, hunting strategy, video, or podcast. If you haven't visited Wired To Hunt before, I included a couple of my favorite posts from them below.

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3. Chase The Mountain - Chase The Mountain is run by Adam Crews. This blog is particularly useful to people with the fact that topics range from whitetails, western hunting, turkeys, all the way to life lessons that can be applied to the hunting world. Adam writes in a unique style, and is a crafty writer. There is a lot to be learned through keeping up with Chase The Mountain. As with the first two blogs, I left you with a few of my favorite posts from Chase The Mountain. 

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4. Whitetail Habitat Solutions - Jeff Sturgis is the man behind Whitetail Habitat Solutions. Jeff is best knows for his habitat work surrounding whitetails, hence the name of his website, but he also posts regular blog posts on all kinds of different strategies surrounding how to hunt mature bucks. He has also started a relatively new online video series, called Whitetails By Design TV. There aren't very many people who are as smart about whitetails as Jeff is, in my opinion. To check out a few of his favorite posts of mine, click on the links below. 

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5. QDMA - The Quality Deer Management Association does much more than create online content, but they do produce quality articles online throughout the year. What I like to read on the QDMA website is their articles that focus on habitat improvement, as well as articles that have to do with deer research. What makes the QDMA particularly unique is the way in which they prove their theories with facts from tangible research. You always know where their information is coming from, and it's usually pretty dang good. As with all of the other blogs, I included a few of my favorite posts from them below. 

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Conclusion: There is a plethora of information across the web to help you become a more proficient hunter. I can't guarantee you that you're going to shoot a booner every year by following along and reading these blogs consistently, but I can venture to guess that you'll become a better hunter, and learn a few things along the way.