The 5 Best Hunting Podcasts 2016

By Alex Comstock

*Editors note. This list has been updated as of January 2018. To read the updated blog post, click on the link here ---> Best Podcasts for Whitetail Hunters in 2018

Podcasts are a great way to get that whitetail fix, or to soak in hunting information. I personally enjoy listening to podcasts because I don't have to stop what I'm doing to read a magazine or watch a TV show. It gives me the ability to digest information while driving, working out, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, etc. etc. Simply plug in your headphones, turn your favorite podcast on, and you're ready to go. With the 2016 hunting season almost upon us, here are my top 5 (in no order) hunting podcasts to listen to this year. 

Whitetail Watch Podcast - Bill Winke/Aaron Warbritton. The whitetail watch podcast is a bit different than most. In some episodes, it is just Bill Winke going over an important topic for a few minutes, or one of his employees, Aaron Warbritton will host the show and usually have a guest on. Either way, they are super informative. Any chance I get to listen to Bill Winke, I take it. A couple of the guests Aaron has had on includes Jeff Sturgis and Dan Infalt. 

Wired to HuntMark Kenyon. The Wired to Hunt podcast is hosted by Mark Kenyon and co-hosted by Dan Johnson. These guys like to BS and just talk about life during the intro of most podcasts, which give it a good, down to earth feel. They then usually are interviewing an expert from the industry on certain tactics. These get deep and informative, so be ready with your notebook and pen. Guests have included Mark and Terry Drury, Jeff Danker, Bill Winke, and Jim Schockey.

Meateater - Steven Rinella. Steven Rinella is the host of the TV show Meateater. The podcast is co-hosted by the producer of the show, Janis Putelis. These guys cover a wide range of topics, from optics to western hunting, whitetails, and bird hunting. You can get it all with this one. The guys are usually with a guest or two to provide some added insight. 

Hunt Talk Radio - Randy Newberg. This podcast is hosted by Randy Newberg, who also hosts the Fresh Tracks TV show. Randy is a public land and conservationist advocate, as a lot of his topics revolve around these issues. He usually is with a guest and is talking everything from public land elk to whitetails. Randy is one to really speak his mind, as he is "unfiltered" and this is really something that I admire. 

100% Wild Podcast - Mark Kenyon and Matt Drury. Recently the guys from Drury Outdoors have teamed up with Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt to produce the 100% wild podcast. This is mainly whitetail related and is a Q&A structure. The guys take a listener submitted question, and answer it, usually with a highly respected guest. The unique thing about this podcast is you can actually watch it live on the Drury Outdoors YouTube channel. 

Those five are the best of the best. I mean when a new episode comes out, I listen to it as quickly as I can. These guys have all been podcasting for quite some time now and are pretty polished. With that being said, here is a few more that would be on my "honorable mention". I don't usually listen to every episode on these ones, but there are still good topics, and lessons to learn. 

Keep Hammering - Cameron Hanes. This is the perfect podcast for the guy who is a workout nut, western hunter, or a fan of Cameron Hanes. He just launched this podcast recently, but it is already receiving raving reviews. It seems most topics will cover everything from archery to mountain hunting, and it has a great personality in the first couple of episodes. Joe Rogan has been a guest on the first couple episodes, and he is always entertaining.

Nine Finger Chronicles - Dan Johnson. Dan Johnson, also the co-host of the Wired to Hunt podcast has launched one of his own. This podcast is all about hunting gear and stories. 

Big Buck RegistryJay Scott and Dusty Phillips. These guys focus on the top hunting stories across the nation. They do a great job at showing how people are successful in such different way. 

Bowhunting FreedomPhillip Havens. This podcast is a bit different as it focuses on getting a job in the outdoor industry. If you ever want to work in the industry, this one is a good listen. 

If your looking to add to your hunting repertoire, podcasts are a great way to do it. I find myself listening to podcasts almost every time I am in my vehicle or working at my computer. There is always something to learn, and these do a great job at getting that information through to listeners.