The Best In The Business

By Alex Comstock 

Sometimes the days can drag on when it's not actually deer season. How do you get your whitetail fix when your craving the days of sitting in a deer stand? I know for me personally, I try to soak in as much as I can. I'm constantly reading books and magazines, and watching TV and web shows. I have found that there is a lot of dramatized material in the hunting industry these days. But there is a lot of good information out there as well. I'm going to go over some of my favorites. Do you agree with me?

WhitetailDNA- You knew I was going to toot my own horn a little bit right? Yes I know your probably thinking I'm just some guy who has been writing on his little blog for a month. But I think if you really take the time to read my material, you will realize I am genuine, and giving my honest opinion. That doesn't mean I'm always right, but I think you can follow along with me, and learn as I learn. Midwestwhitetail has always been a favorite of mine. It is a semi-live web show, with new episodes weekly. Bill Winke is one of the most respected individuals in the deer hunting industry, and this is definitely a show that has a lot of value. 

Wired To Hunt - Wired To Hunt is a blog run by Mark Kenyon. He is one of the most consistent ones out there, and has quickly become one of my favorites and go to's for information. He also runs the Wired To Hunt podcast, which I listen to every week. 

Heartland Bowhunter - Heartland Bowhunter is easily my favorite TV show. I actually don't watch many TV shows anymore, but these guys do a phenomenal job. Shawn Luchtel and Michael Hunsucker are the hosts of the show, and they focus on bringing the whole story into how they hunt and harvest a particular deer, opposed to just focusing on the kill. 

Thirteen- Thirteen is a TV show produced by Drury Outdoors. It revolves around there being "13" phases to the deer season. It is a very educational TV show, and gives a lot of good tactics for hunting at all times of the year. 

Deer and Deer Hunting - Deer and Deer Hunting is a magazine that has been around forever. It's something that I usually keep on hand and it is always chalk full of good information. 

Bowhunter Magazine - Bowhunter is another magazine that I always have. There are lots of great tactics and strategies in their magazine that are worth reading. 

North American Whitetail - North American Whitetail is another great magazine option. What I like about North American Whitetail is the abundance of success stories they include from the "average joes" and they are always giant bucks, which is always fun to look at. 

Quality Whitetails - Quality Whitetails is another great magazine option. It is produced by the QDMA and is a great tool if your interested in habitat management, as that is what they specialize in. 

Those are just some of my favorites, and what I indulge on a daily basis. There are many more options out there, but these are some of the best ones in my own opinion.