Best Podcasts for Whitetail Hunters in 2018

By Alex Comstock 

Over the last couple of years, the podcast realm has continued to grow, and more and more podcasts have filled the airways. This can be a good and bad thing. There's a lot of great information out there to consume, but sometimes it may be difficult to figure out what fits your style, and what podcasts are worth listening to for you. Today, I wanted to go over some of the ones that I like, and highlight the best podcasts that I and you should be listening to in 2018. 

Wired To Hunt Podcast - Mark Kenyon: The Wired To Hunt podcast is one of the most popular and refined podcasts in the hunting world. Hosted by Mark Kenyon, and Co-Hosted by Dan Johnson of the Nine Finger Chronicles, the two guys have a great charisma and are entertaining. Most episodes start out with casual conversation about life and the two guys' hunting efforts. They then often bring on a guest and pick his/her brain about topics all over the whitetail spectrum. Some of their best episodes (personal opinion) include guests such as Mark Drury, Adam Hayes, and Stan Potts. What makes this podcast so good is the quality of information they get out of their guests. 

Nine Finger Chronicles - Dan Johnson: The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast covers a wide array of topics. Hosted by Dan Johnson, Dan does everything from gear reviews to hunter profiles to success stories, and even the story of how Dan became the Nine Finger Chronicles, literally. Dan also started a podcast network, called the Sportsmen's Nation. The Sportsmen's Nation network includes a plethora of podcasts that are worth tuning into as well. It includes the DIY Sportsman, Land & Legacy, and Transition Wild Podcast. These all have different niches, and depending on what you like, you should be able to find something to relate to here. 

Meateater - Steven Rinella: Though the Meateater podcast isn't necessarily whitetail focused, host Steven Rinella and Co-Host Janis Putelis cover a lot of important topics. This podcast has a unique feel to it as well, as they record episodes all over the place, usually in a location where they're hunting. Steven is a great representative in the hunting community, is a outspoken conservationist, and there is a ton of great information covered in this one!

Down South Hunting Podcast - Mike Higman & Adam Crews: A market that is often missed in the whitetail media world is southern hunting. There is a large population of Southern hunters, and this podcast Co-Hosted by Mike Higman and Adam Crews hits the nail on the head in that market. If you're from the South or hunt in the South, this is the podcast for you. The guys cover topics from scent control to public land hunting to interviewing biologists, and specific topics related to Southern hunting. 

The Hunting Public - Aaron Warbritton, Zach Ferenbaugh, Greg Clements, Jake Huebschman: This crew of guys are diehard whitetail hunters, and spend a lot of time hunting public land. They also have a YouTube show and their style of hunting is unique to most, usually spending most of their time "running and gunning" and putting down mature buck after mature buck. Their hunting style isn't the only unique thing about them. Their podcast is different than any other one as they utilize Facebook and Instagram Live to interact with their audience and go from talking about how their hunts are going to a question and answer format. 

100% Wild Podcast - Mark Kenyon & Matt Drury: The 100% wild podcast is another unique style of podcast. Hosts Mark Kenyon from Wired to Hunt and Matt Drury from Drury Outdoors field a question of the day, and have another guest with them to help answer the question, and they cover a ton of whitetail tactics. Guests include Mark and Terry Drury, Nick Mundt, Jeff Lindsey, Lee Lakosky, and more. 

The Hunting Beast - Dan Infalt: When you think of the public land buck bedding style of hunting, the first person that probably comes to mind is Dan Infalt. Dan is commonly referred as "The Big Buck Serial Killer" and contains a plethora of knowledge. Anything that comes out of Dan's mouth is worth listening to, simply put. 

Hunt Talk Radio - Randy Newberg: Randy Newberg is another profound conservationist, author, and TV show host. Randy is primarily a western hunter, but even if you're a diehard whitetail guy/gal, there is a lot to learn from this one, especially on the conservation front. 

The Element Podcast - Tyler Jones & K.C. Smith: This podcast covers a variety of topics surrounding whitetail hunting. Hosts Tyler Jones and K.C. Smith are based out of Texas and bring a unique viewpoint to whitetail hunting. These guys have a great personality, and if you're looking to not only be entertained, but also get some quality information, this is a great podcast to check out. 

Joe Rogan Experience - Joe Rogan: Throwing a bit of a curve-ball on this one. I'm sure many of you listen to Joe Rogan, but for those who don't, Joe has become a hunter himself and has very interesting interviews with the likes of Cameron Hanes, Remi Warren, and other big time hunters.