Film Review - Stars in The Sky: A Hunting Story

By Alex Comstock

If you haven’t heard of the TV show MeatEater, you’re missing out on one of the best hunting shows out there. It’s such a great show, in large part because of the infectious personality of host, Steven Rinella. Rinella in my opinion, is one of the best public advocates for hunting for a variety of reason, and he is able to articulate about hunting so well. He shows not just the hunt in his show, but everything that goes into it and what comes after it. That includes the butchering, packing out meat and cooking it. But today, we’re not talking about his show MeatEater. What we are talking about though is Rinella’s film that was recently released, “Stars in The Sky: A Hunting Story.”

This film was released a few weeks ago, and I watched it instantly. I actually had pre-ordered it to make sure I could watch it as soon as possible. After watching it, I wanted to kind of sit on it and be able to think about it a little more in depth before talking about it here. Today, I’m going to briefly go over what I liked about it and then I’m going to challenge you to do something else as well after going over it in a little more detail. But first, I’d encourage you to watch the trailer and you can do so below.

What stood out to me most about this film was its sheer honesty and the way that it presented hunting, the controversies around hunting and what it all entails. This film really hits on the emotions that surround hunting and how traditions have evolved over the years. What I particularly enjoyed was the uniqueness of the way everything is presented in this film. It’s unlike anything I had ever watched before.

Though a documentary style film, with interviews from many different people and a variety of perspectives, including from those who don’t hunt, the film is framed around a hunt following Rinella in the Alaskan wilderness. Throughout the film, it bounces back from Rinella’s hunt as he shares certain perspectives on all things hunting and then goes back to a group of experts as they give their input on things from the history, sociology, ethics, and contradictions of hunting.

Without wanting to share too much more, my advice is this. Pay the $9.99 to own it or the $3.99 to rent it and watch it. And then to my challenge I referenced at the beginning of this blog post. I think this is the perfect piece of content to show anyone you know in life who is a non hunter or anti hunter. Not to prove a point, but merely to give them an insight on a deeper level on why you hunt and how you operate. My challenge is for you to show this to someone you know that doesn’t hunt. Let them know ahead of time, it’s just for them to try and learn why you are who you are, and that’s it. I think this film can impact many people in that way.

With that, I highly recommend Stars in The Sky: A Hunting Story. It’s a film that I feel is a must watch and I encourage you to get it today.

To purchase the film and watch it, head over to the link here —> Watch Stars in The Sky: A Hunting Story