#Velvetfest 2019 Has Kicked Off!

By Alex Comstock

If you’re not familiar with #VelvetFest, it’s a kick off to deer season started by our good friends over at Exodus Trail Cameras. #VelvetFest is meant to help get people excited about deer season and summer scouting. Velvetfest runs from June 12th to July 12th and there’s a lot more than just simply getting excited about summer.

During this month, if you use the #VelvetFest on social media posts, you will automatically be entered to win all kinds of prizes from Exodus. Not only can you win prizes by using the hashtag, if you are in the market for a new trail camera, Exodus will be including a special gift with every single camera order from June 12th-July 12th. These gifts will range from Wicked Hand Saws, Skull Brew Coffee, Deer Age Aging Kit, OnX Premium Membership or Exodus Merch.

To learn a little more, check out the video below from Exodus!

If you’re not pumped up about summer scouting, #Velvetfest should help! Get out there and get stuff done, use the hashtag in your social posts, and you might win some prizes. This week, I’ll be getting started on my summer scouting and trailcam work and before you know it, fall will be here!