3 Unique Products From The 2019 ATA Show

By Alex Comstock

The last couple of days I have gone over my budget friendly and recommended products that I came across at last week’s Archery Trade Association Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Today, I wanted to highlight three rather unique products I noticed, and then let you make your choice on what you think of them.

1. Yeti Silo


The Yeti Silo isn’t only a cooler, but a hydration station as well. I found this to be pretty unique compared to the other products in Yeti’s line and I think a lot of people would find this rather useful. Holding six gallons of liquid, the silo can be used in a variety of ways.

Price: $299.99

2. 1/3 Scale Rinehart Target


I thought this was pretty darn cool. This target is 1/3 the size of a normal 3-D Elk target, but gives you the ability to practice at longer ranges without you having to actually move back in a sense. As Rinehart puts it, “Developed to allow everyone the chance to practice for the elk hunting trip of their dreams in the comfort of their backyard. Anatomically reduced to 1/3 the scale of a simulated 600 pound bull elk, shots taken at 20 yards are equivalent to a 60 yard shot in the field.” I think this could be a neat target to have in the backyard whether or not you are an Elk hunter.

Price: $219.99

3. Earth Blind


Being that I’m mainly a treestand hunter and don’t typically pay attention to box blinds, they don’t usually catch my eye. This year at the ATA show, a certain blind did catch my eye though, and that’s the newly designed Earth Blind. This blind really caught my eye because of its uniqueness. With a natural dirt exterior, it adapts to it’s environment and changes color with the weather. So, when it rains it darkens. Kind of think how a tree darkens, it’s the same concept. It has 360 degrees viewing, with you being able to see out, but animals not being able to see in. If you are someone who is looking for a new type of hard sided blind, this could be an option for you.

Price: TBD


This will wrap up the series of ATA blog posts. If you missed the first two, you can read them here, “3 Budget Friendly Products from the 2019 ATA Show” and “Recommended Products From This Year’s ATA Show.” If you have any comments on how you thought the show was covered or something you’d like to see differently next year, let us know!