5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Subscribed To For Deer Hunting

By Alex Comstock

 In 2019, there’s more people than ever consuming not only whitetail content online, but high quality whitetail content. In today’s world, there’s a ton of places on the internet you can find great deer hunting content and in this blog post, I wan to focus on YouTube. YouTube is mainly where I consume all of my video content and there’s a lot you can learn from and enjoy on YouTube. With that said, here’s what I would consider as five of the best deer hunting YouTube channels out there.

1. The Hunting Public

Though they haven’t been around terribly long, my good friends over at The Hunting Public have set the bar as far as YouTube content is concerned in the deer hunting world and for good reason. Not only is this group of guys exceptional hunters, they’re educational and entertaining. With videos coming out weekly and even multiple videos per week, this is a no brainer to subscribe to. My guess is that you already are, but if you’re somehow reading this and haven’t heard of The Hunting Public, head over to their YouTube Channel and set aside some time.

The Hunting Public YouTube Channel

2. Whitetail Habitat Solutions

Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the world of deer hunting that I know of. I have been reading Jeff’s content for years, but just within the last year or two have I really started to watch his YouTube channel. Where you will really benefit is in the deer and land management department. Jeff does an exceptional job of teaching you new things and how to become a better overall deer hunter. Topics surrounding hinge cutting, waterholes, building whitetail parcels and reading topo maps are just a few of things you can learn about here.

Whitetail Habitat Solutions YouTube Channel

3. The Breaking Point

The team over at the Breaking Point has always produced quality deer hunting content, but recently have stepped up their YouTube game with not only airing their original shows, but now uploading some really neat flashback hunts and also a new vlog where they share things from shed hunting tips to tips on how to film and what cameras to use. You definitely won’t be disappointed watching these guys.

The Breaking Point YouTube Channel

4. The Element

Tyler and K.C. over at The Element are as good of guys as you’ll find, and they upload some top notch quality content on YouTube as well. Not often do you see content based on public land in Texas, but these guys somehow manage to do it. Not only will you get to see how they attack unique Texas public land, but they also bring you hunts from other areas, such as awesome rut hunting in Kansas.

The Element YouTube Channel

5. WhitetailDNA

Shameless plug, I know, but I can’t write about what YouTube Channels you should be checking out without including my own. In all seriousness, I’m working extremely hard at bringing you not only more educational and entertaining videos, but a much higher quality production wise and I think that’s starting to show. My videos include everything from tactics and strategies to public land and small private land hunts from a multitude of states.

WhitetailDNA YouTube Channel

Others to consider… Those five channels are my go to ones. When a new video is uploaded, I usually watch it at the first available time I have. If you’re looking for more content, the next five channels listed below are good as well.

Midwest Whitetail

Scott Spitzley

DIY Sportsman

Wired To Hunt

Whitetail Edge