Binge Watching | Learning From Chasing November

By Alex Comstock

Binge watching hunting shows, it's a serious case for most of us. Recently, I've become guilty of this as I binge watched all of Midwest Whitetail's new online TV show, Chasing November. I am a big fan of Bill Winke and the work that the guys do over at Midwest Whitetail, and Chasing November is no different. 

Why is it so good?: If you've followed along with Midwest Whitetail over the years, they do two things particularly well that I believe sets them apart from the rest. Story telling and education. The ability to tell the whole story revolving around a deer can bring another dimension to a show, rather than just have it about the kill. The education aspect is my favorite part, as I am always trying to learn new tips, tricks, tactics, ideas, etc. on hunting mature bucks. Chasing November does an exceptional job at both of these.

If you have time, head over to Midwest Whitetail's YouTube channel, where you can find all of Chasing November's first season, which consists of 15 episodes. Trust me, if you binge watch the first season like I did, not only will you learn a lot about hunting mature bucks, but I guarantee you that you will be jacked up for deer season!

Deer opener could not get here soon enough!

To see more from Midwest Whitetail and Chasing November, check out their YouTube channel