Quick Read: Embrace The Crazy

While driving in the rain to go take down a deer stand the other day, I couldn't help but think I was a little crazy. It was windy and cold, not to mention the rain that was pouring down. I got to thinking, over time I've done some things that people, quite simply, don't understand. But it's what I love, and as deer hunters, it's what drives us. 

As bowhunters, we all tend to get a little crazy at certain times. For some of us, we go the crazy route more often than not. What I like to think of, is to embrace the crazy. Embrace the fact that as a deer hunter, you have an excuse to be crazy. You don't have to be normal, whatever normal means. 

I have found over time, that the more I embrace the crazy, the more success I find. Time and time again, I'll read a success story in a magazine and it will be about how a guy slept in his truck for ten days on a public land rut hunt, and arrowed a giant. Or maybe I'll watch a TV show, and someone will be hanging a stand in the middle of the night so they can hunt it in the morning, and it pays off. It just seems to me, that getting a little crazy often correlates with success.

This year, embrace the crazy. Don't be afraid to do something a little off the cusp, or even a little nuts, you never know, it may just pay off.