Quick Read: Three Things To Do This Weekend That Will Pay Off in The Fall

Here are three things that I am planning on doing this weekend that you should do to. 

1. Establish a Mineral Site

If you haven't yet, go get a mineral site set up with a trail camera over it. This year opposed to waiting until July to get those cameras up, get them up now. You will have a head start on knowing what areas to focus on. Not to mention, watching bucks grow from two inch nubs to a full blown set of antlers is pretty fun.

2. Find a New Entry/Exit Route

If your anything like me, you hear this time and time again. But it really can make the difference between a successful hunt and a complete bust. This is the time of year to study maps and figure out a new and improved way to access your stands without bumping deer. Right now you can put boots on the ground and complete a ground check to back up your findings that you found while studying maps. 

3. Shoot your bow like you hunt

It's so much easier to shoot your bow in the comfort of shorts and a t-shirt right? Except, how often do you shoot at a deer in that attire? Answer - not often. Before it gets into the dog days of the summer and is painfully hot, practice a few arrows in your hunting gear, and you might just find something that you have to adjust.

If not this weekend, then make it the next one. Take the time to do these simple things, and they will help your outlook for next fall.