Expanding Your Knowledge with The Hunting Beast

By Alex Comstock

Forums, we've all heard about them. I'm guessing more negative than positive. Forums have known to become pretty nasty at times, especially when people get the slightest bit offended. If you haven't heard of The Hunting Beast forum, it's time to look into it. For the longest time, I had known of The Hunting Beast, and it's creator Dan Infalt, but I never took the time to join. Recently, I finally did, and boy am I happy I made that decision. 

The Hunting Beast is made up of quite possibly the most hardcore deer hunters across the country. Most people that are a part of the forum have a common goal, and that is to harvest mature bucks. There are all different types of threads ranging from debating theories on the moon to just talking about what kind of deer makes a person happy and it even includes big buck contests every year which can be a lot of fun. 

What makes The Hunting Beast forum so unique and quite honestly an added tool you can add to your repertoire of places to get your deer hunting information is a couple things. "Beast" members are pretty darn knowledgeable. People put out some great information that you really can learn from. Not to mention, everyone in the Beast community is respectful, and I don't see any bashing of any sort that you usually run into with other forums I'll leave unnamed. Something that is another added benefit is the ability to send users private messages. People meet on The Hunting Beast, and you might just be able to find someone that has similar hunting conditions as you, and be able to go back and forth and learn from each other. 

If you get anything from this blog post, I would want it to be go and check out The Hunting Beast. You won't be disappointed, I can promise you that. Take a little time and browse through some different threads that interest you, there is an abundance of information to be learned.