3 Reasons To Join the QDMA

By Alex Comstock 

If you aren't a member of the Quality Deer Management Association and you love deer hunting, it's time to look at becoming a member. Whether you own property and want to learn how to manage it more efficiently, are a public land weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, there's a lot to be learned from being a QDMA member. Here are a few specific reasons why you should consider joining today. 

1. Access to High Quality Information

First of all, if you take a few minutes and browse QDMA.com and do a little reading, you'll probably notice the information is valuable, and high quality. More than likely, you'll be wanting more and more information. Well by signing up for a yearly membership, you'll automatically receive six issues of Quality Whitetails, one of the best whitetail magazines on the planet. Quality Whitetails is one of those magazines where I carve out time the day I receive an issue in the mail to read it, usually cover to cover. When you sign up to become a QDMA member, you’ll also get things such as a scoring and aging bucks DVD and QDMA decal. Additionally, as a QDMA member, you’ll be able to sign up for seminars and get discounts on deer steward courses. You’ll end up soaking in some of the best high quality deer information out there.

2. Support of a Great Deer Hunting Organization

Often times, people want to help out, support conservation and hunting, but aren’t sure exactly how to do that. Well, by joining the QDMA, I know I’m supporting deer hunting in a simple way. The fee that you pay isn’t much, but it helps the organization do a lot of things. Straight from the QDMA website, they state that “QDMA helps design, coordinate, and fund practical research projects that increase hunter knowledge. Since 2005, QDMA has contributed more than $500,000 to support important research projects in over 20 states.” Right there is a great reason to support the organization. Another statistic from the QDMA website states that, “QDMA also maintains strong ties with its members, other conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and other groups with an interest in deer hunting. Since 2006 QDMA has engaged on nearly 800 state, federal and provincial management and policy issues impacting wildlife, habitat and our hunting heritage.” The Quality Deer Management Association has accomplished A LOT for deer hunters since their inception, and if you care about deer and deer hunting, supporting them and joining will help allow them to continue their great work.

3. You’ll Help Grow The Next Generation of Hunters

Believe it or not, deer hunter numbers are in the decline, and we as hunters need to help change that (READ: Recruiting New Hunters with QDMA’s Hank Forester and Matt Ross). If you read the linked article, you’ll see a quote from Hank Forester that exemplifies this ideal perfectly. “We need deer hunters to set aside a couple of days each year to mentor a new hunter. QDMA and our dedicated members are currently mentoring 160,000 new hunters each year. As part of our new mission goals, we hope to increase that number and mentor a million new hunters over the next five years.” By joining the QDMA, you’ll not only be helping fund great programs that will help get new people into hunting, but you can also become inspired yourself to mentor new hunters. This is an important topic, because if you want to see hunting last, and be able to have your children and their children grow up in a world where hunting is how it is now, we need to mentor new hunters and turn the trend from it declining to inclining.


There are numerous reasons you should join such a great organization such as the QDMA. These three though are the ones that stand out to me the most. Between getting access to top notch information, supporting a stellar organization, and helping grow the next generation of hunters, if you’re not a member, I’d encourage you to join right now. Simply head over to QDMA.com and within five minutes you could become a member!