The Top Online Hunting Shows and Places to Watch Them in 2018

By Alex Comstock 

In today's hunting show realm, the digital side of it continues to grow larger and larger. For me personally, I don't have cable TV, and therefore I consume all of my hunting shows via the internet. There's a ton of online shows out there, and a lot of different places you can go to consume online hunting shows. Today, I wanted to run through some of my favorites, and some websites you can go to in order to watch these. 

The Hunting PublicWhat I love so much about The Hunting Public is that it's just a group of guys that love hunting whitetails and doing it their way. Their videos are not only entertaining, but also very educational and full of information. And on top of it, they lay down a lot of bucks. You can find all of their videos on YouTube. 

Behind The Draw - Behind The Draw is a CarbonTV exclusive brought to you by the Heartland Bowhunter crew. It's more or less a mini series, and you'll get different content than you would watching Heartland Bowhunter on TV. What you don't lose is quality though, as this mini-series is just as well produced and is an all around great show. 

The Breaking PointOur friends over at The Breaking Point bring another unique perspective to filming and hunting whitetails. From early and late season hunts in North Dakota to rut hunts in Iowa and Wisconsin, and everything in between, these guys work as hard as anyone, and are skilled behind the camera. 

Midwest WhitetailMidwest Whitetail has long been an online hunting show staple. Hosted by Bill Winke, the main focus surrounds managing private property, planting food plots, and what goes into creating a great hunting property throughout the year. 

Whitetail EdgeWhitetail Edge is hosted by Ben Rising, and let me tell you, Ben knows a thing or two about putting down large, mature whitetail bucks. You can find all of their content on their YouTube channel, and if you're looking for a show that brings you consistent big buck action, this is one to watch. 

Behind The BowIf you are someone who wants to watch a show that goes against the grain of most hunting industry ideals, this is a show you'll want to tune in to. Ran by my friends Curtis Zabel and Skylar Sommers, these guys work their tails off on Wisconsin public land. They too are very skilled behind a camera, and their videos are constantly improving. When you combine talent with hard work, this is what you get. You can find all of their videos on the Behind The Bow YouTube channel. 

Solo HunterThe unique aspect of Solo Hunter is it's primarily all self filmed. You'll find a little more diversity here with more western big game hunts such as mule deer and elk, among others. Whitetails are sprinkled in as well of course.

Drury OutdoorsThe Drury Outdoors Youtube channel brings a lot of great video content. They've got a few different segments and shows, and there's always something informational and entertaining to be found here. The Drury's have been around for quite sometime, and know a thing or two about whitetails. 

White Knuckle ProductionsThe team at White Knuckle Productions puts out a lot of whitetail content and a whole bunch of different types of whitetail content. There's always some good info in this one. 

Hallowed Ground OutdoorsWhen I did watch hunting on TV, Hallowed Ground Outdoors was always one of my favorites. You can also catch some of their content online as well. 

Bowhunt or DieDefinitely one of the top bowhunting shows out there on the web, this team of hunters produces a ton of content. With eight seasons and around 30 episodes each season, you could watch just this show for days on end. 

Montana WildI haven't had the opportunity to dig deep into the films put out by Montana Wild yet, but from what I have seen, there is some really good content. With more of a western focus, including hunting and fishing, there's a lot to consume here. 

YETI YouTube ChannelThough this isn't necessarily in the category of a hunting show, YETI puts out a number of hunting and fishing related films, and their pretty dang awesome. Definitely worth checking out. 

Sitka Gear YouTube ChannelIn similar fashion to YETI's YouTube channel, Sitka does the same thing in putting out a number of hunting films. These are produced very well, and often leave you wanting to watch more. 

MeatEaterHosted by Steven Rinella, MeatEater is quite possible the best all around hunting show out there, especially to introduce new hunters to the outdoors. Though it's primarily a television show, you can buy episodes online. What's really cool is you can even watch MeatEater on Netflix now. Just search for it on Netflix, and you can watch season five and six. 

-Have any others you like that's not included on this list? Let us know in the comments!