5 Factors for a Successful All Day Sit

By Alex Comstock

This past weekend, I pulled my first all day sit of 2016, and I was reminded pretty quickly it's not easy to do - especially when the action is slow. I've got more all day sits lined up for this week, and with that being said, I thought this would be an opportune time to dive into the factors that help accomplish an all day sit as successfully as possible. 

1. Comfort: Comfort is king above all else. I am the king of hanging sketchy, uncomfortable tree stands, but if I know I'm going to be sitting all day, my stand will be comfortable. You may think you can pull off an all day sit in an uncomfortable treestand, but more often than not, once it gets to be about 11am and your behind feels like it's about to fall off, it's much easier to get down and leave. 

2. Food: You need food for survival, and likewise you need it for survival for spending a full day in a tree. I bring a plethora of snacks and drinks in my pack with me. One tip is to transfer all of your snacks into zip-loc bags to reduce the noise levels while eating. We all know how loud a snickers wrapper or a bag of chips can be. 

3. Be in a spot that encourages mid-day movement: If you are going to be sitting all day in a tree, it would only make sense that you would expect to see bucks up on their feet during the middle of the day right? Think of an area that would be most typical for mid day movement such as the downwind side of a doe bedding area, where bucks could be scent checking for bedded hot does.

4. Entertainment: Thank goodness for the age of the smart phone right? Let's be honest, I don't know how many of us could pull of an all day sit without some type of entertainment. Admittedly I am on my phone a good amount, and sometimes even bring extra reading material, magazines, etc. Keeping you mind fresh can play a large role in being able to stay on stand all day. 

5. A good night's sleep: If you plan on sitting a stand all day, it can be very productive - when your awake. To avoid napping in the stand, make sure on the night before the marathon in the tree that you get some good sleep. Going to bed at midnight, and waking up at 4am to head to the stand doesn't necessarily encourage a mentally sharp day from you. The more in the game you are mentally while in stand, the better chance you have at success. 

Conclusion: All day sits are not for everyone. But in certain circumstances, they can work wonders, and give you the best odds at harvesting a mature buck. The next time you pull off an all day sit, put these factors to use and your chances at success should go up.