Don't Let Social Media Fool You - You're Not The Only One Who Hasn't Shot a Big Buck

By Alex Comstock 

Social media can be awesome. It allows you to connect with other like minded individuals from all over the country. You can share stories of your hunts, see how others are doing, and learn from others. But social media does have its drawbacks, and one of those is it can often seem like everybody is shooting a big buck - except you. 

What can get to be a problem is when you get down because of the pressure you put on yourself. Combine that with seeing big buck pictures from a bunch of people on social media and sometimes it's only natural to feel like you're the only one who hasn't put down a mature buck. 

Don't Be Fooled!

Trust me when I say this - YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO HASN'T SHOT A BIG BUCK. And that's perfectly fine. There shouldn't be any reason you put more pressure on yourself because of all the big bucks you see on social media. Don't let it ruin the fun. Deer hunting is supposed to be something you enjoy. An escape, a place of solitude, whatever it is for you. The last thing you should do if you haven't harvested a big buck this season is to let Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram get under your skin. 

My Challenge To You

If you haven't harvested a mature buck this season, I challenge you to not get jealous about a single social media post. I'm challenging you, and myself. I'm in the same boat. Be happy for those that do harvest, and know that your time will come. It may not be tomorrow, or even this season. But eventually it'll all come together. Just don't let social media get you frazzled, enjoy your time spent in the woods, because before you know it, you'll be counting down the days until you can be in a treestand again.