Tip Of The Week | Check Your Treestand Straps

By Alex Comstock 

Starting today, I am going to start producing a weekly "tip of the week" blog post. It's a simple concept, but I think (and hope) it will bring value to you. They're going to be short blog posts that detail a specific tip that's relative to the time of the year. I hope that you find them useful, and with that, lets get into our first tip of the week!

Check Your Treestand Straps - I thought I would start out the tip of the week blog posts with something that I find important because when it comes to deer hunting, nothing is more important than safety. During the spring, and early summer, get out there and give a thorough inspection of any treestands you leave up through the year. Ensure that straps haven't been eaten at by any critters, and there isn't any wear or tear. I'd say on average, I change out my treestand straps every couple of years, but it doesn't hurt to check them every year. Any stands that you currently don't have out in the timber, but plan on getting up between now and season should be checked as well.

And with that, there is the first tip of the week. Like I said, short and sweet, but important. That's how I intend on doing these each week. They will be quick and to the point, and hopefully I'll get you to act upon a few of them!