Tip Of The Week | Don't Check Trail Cameras Too Much This Summer

By Alex Comstock 

Yesterday, I published a Q&A article with Brennen Nading from the TV show "The Breaking Point." We hit on a number of things to do with off-season preparation, but there was one thing he mentioned in one of his answers that I feel quite strongly about - how often you check your trail cameras. 

I thought this would fit in nicely as today's tip of the week, not only because I think it's important, but because I believe it can make a major difference in your chances of success come fall. 

Why It's Important

During the summer, everyone is talking about trail cameras. Heck, I love them as much as the next person. We all love seeing pictures of velvet bucks, dreaming about giants, and quite honestly, checking trail cameras can scratch that deer hunting itch. But, if you check a camera too many times, or too frequently over the course of a summer, you could be doing more harm than good (The exception here is if you have a trail camera in an area that vehicles or farm equipment frequent, and you can drive right up to the camera). If you have to walk through the timber, leave ground scent in an area, or have to disturb anything at all, do your best to refrain from checking that camera to at least monthly. 

If you are able to scale it back a little bit, and stay out of the timber as much as possible throughout the summer, there is a much higher chance at encouraging daylight movement from a mature buck once deer season rolls around. I know it can be hard, but there is a big difference between getting pictures of a buck, and killing it. 


There it is, another short and sweet tip of the week, but yet again important. If you are someone who normally checks your trail cameras weekly, or even bi-weekly, try and hold off a little bit, and see if you notice an uptick in daylight movement when you do check those SD cards.