Tip Of The Week | Make a List of Properties You Want Permission To Hunt

By Alex Comstock

While contemplating what I should use as a tip of the week today, I was trying to think of something that may help you get permission on a new hunting property or two. The reason behind this is that I like to get permission on new properties every year if I can. With that, I came up with one thing that has not only kept me organized, but it has made a difference in my ability to get permission on new places to hunt. 

Make a list. Make of list of every single property you want to ask permission to hunt on. Why make a list? Because making a list keeps you organized and helps keep you accountable. Knocking on doors isn't easy for everyone, and it's common to say you'll do it, but you seem to continually push it off. I like making a list while scouting online, and once I have my list made, I usually pick a day or two to try and knock out every property I have on the list. If you can make a list of ten, fifteen, or even twenty properties to ask permission on, and then execute asking permission on all of them, odds are you'll get permission on at least one. The way I look at it, if I can do this every off-season, after years of hunting an area, I should be able to gain permission on a number of properties, and you never know which one will end up being "that property."

It may seem like a petty thing, but if you've never tried this, give it a shot and see if it helps. Every little thing you can do helps, and ultimately in order to shoot big bucks, you've got to hunt where they live. 

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