3 Things To Do The Night Before Opening Day of Deer Season

By Alex Comstock

I'm not sure how much I slept exactly last night. There was a little something on my mind, and it may have something to do with deer season... Oh that's right, it was the night before opening day! This afternoon, I will find myself perched in a tree, anxiously waiting to see my first deer of the year from a treestand.

Being that today is opening day for me here in North Dakota, it's a signal that states around the country will be opening within the next month. No matter how prepared you are for "the" day to be here, there are a few core things that I like to do the night before deer season kicks off that you could do as well. 

Final Check over of your bow

I don't care if you barely shot this summer, or if you shot every day. Maybe it's my OCD, but last night, I found myself scanning every inch of my bow to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it. I make sure my sight is completely tight, my broadheads and nocks are good to go, and everything is ready to roll. 

Get All of Your Gear Organized

This one seems like a no brainer, but there has definitely been times I get busy, and don't get everything 100% organized before season kicks off. My biggest issue has notoriously been with my backpack. In years past, I've simply tossed everything I need into it, and have been on my way. Last night, I took extra time to make sure I had everything in it strategically, to include my headlamp, rangefinder, and things like that to make sure they are easily accessible. 

I also want to know exactly where I have items such as my tag and gutting knife, for if in the instance I do put down a buck, I'm not scrambling to look for those items. The last thing I want to happen is be on the high of shooting a deer, and then be scrambling because I don't remember where I placed my tag. 

Watch Your Favorite Hunting Show

This should almost be required right? I spent a fair amount of time watching some deer hunting last night to get me extra excited, but it was also for another reason. I like to visualize things happening, and then try and figure out how I would react to that situation. As I watch a show, I try and put myself in their shoes, and guess what I would do, and try to picture myself being in a situation similar the next day. It may help you mentally prepare for what could be looming soon. 


There are about a million things you could be doing the night before opening day of deer season, but I think you should have these three roped in there in some fashion. They may not seem as important as you'd think, but they will pay off the next day, especially if you end up having to draw that bow back.