Comparing two Methods of Scent Control with Dan Infalt and John Eberhart - Down South Hunting Podcast

By Alex Comstock

Recently, our friends Adam Crews from Chase The Mountain and Mike Higman from Hunting Gear Deals started a new series with their Down South Hunting Podcast comparing two vastly different types of scent control. The guys interviewed two very successful deer hunters, Dan Infalt and John Eberhart, who have completely different views on scent control, and how to use it when it comes to hunting mature bucks. 

I'll leave my opinion out of it for now, but no matter what you believe when it comes to scent control, this podcast does a phenomenal job of capturing both sides of the argument. No matter how you slice it, Dan and John are both very successful deer hunters, and neither of them is right or wrong. What they do works for them. What I challenge you to do, is figure out where you struggle when it comes to scent control, and how you think you'll be more successful. There is no doubt a lot of great information to pick up by listening to this.  

This will be a three part series, and below I included a link for you to head over and listen to part one of the series. To see the rest, visit

Scent Control Strategy Comparison w/ Dan Infalt and John Eberhart - Part 1