Hunting With Others or Solo? The Thought Process To Both Sides

By Alex Comstock 

This summer I was thinking about how at times I love to hunt by myself, and other times I will hunt with a friend. Some people only hunt with others, whether they simply like sitting together for the company, or maybe they film together. Others will only hunt solo, never wanting to sit with others, no matter how good of friends. This summer, I posted about this topic on social media to gather thoughts from others, and wanted to share them below. After you read through what a few other people think, and why they do what they do, I'll offer up my complete thoughts. 

"Both my Dad and friends use to be all about filming each other. Long story short, they grew out of it so that led to me hunting solo for the last few years. Definitely miss the companionship looking back." - Scott Spitzley

"I love to go on hunting trips with my buddies. But when the time comes to actually hunt, I am a solo. The experience is very personal to me and helps me get to know myself better." - Ziggy Kortuem

"There is absolutely nothing better than experiencing an epic hunt/kill with a buddy.. nothing." - Nick Durand 

"Would love to hunt with someone, but it’s also difficult finding a hunting buddy that loves it as much as you do." - Jake Huff

Some people prefer hunting alone, while others enjoy the aspect of sharing a hunt with someone else.

Some people prefer hunting alone, while others enjoy the aspect of sharing a hunt with someone else.

Out of all the answers I received through social media, the four above stuck out to me the most. I think it's because they capture all spectrums of how someone might feel. When you hunt with friends, there's something there that you can't replicate. As Scott mentions, once you do hunt with someone, and then go from that to going solo, you might realize how great the companionship was. As Nick puts it, experiencing an epic hunt with a buddy is unlike anything else. I totally agree with that. I've experienced a few amazing hunts while hunting with a friend, and being able to relive that moment with someone else can be pretty special. 

But not everyone loves to hunt with a buddy, or even has the means to. As Ziggy puts it, even going on hunting trips with friends is great, but for some the time spent in the stand alone is sacred, and I can understand that as well. I really like Ziggy's answer, because I'd be willing to bet this is how a lot of people feel. There's nothing quite like going on a hunting trip with friends, or sharing a camp, but I think a lot of people fall in line with this ideal of cherishing the alone time spent in a stand. 

So where do you fall on this subject? I'd love for you to leave a comment letting us know. It's an interesting topic, and my goal with this blog post was to generate some discussion about it. Let us know if you'd rather hunt alone or with others and why!