The 4 Best Ways To Get Discounted Hunting Gear

By Alex Comstock

Hunting gear is expensive, no doubt about it. Especially if you want decent quality with your gear, it can get really really expensive. Thankfully, there are ways out there to avoid paying full price for quality hunting gear. Whether that be clothing, bows, rangefinders, boots, you name it, the following four ways are what I've found to be the best way to buy quality discounted gear. 

1. Huntinggeardeals.comHunting Gear Deals is a brand spanking new website run by Mike Higman. Mike scours the web, searching in every nook and cranny, looking for the best deals on the web. He then puts those deals on his website, and the deals are updated daily. You can even search deals on the site by item type, or even by store. is comparable to an online hunting mall that only includes discounted items. 

2. Camofire.comCamofire usually has some great deals. You better jump on a deal quick if there's something you like, because they are constantly "reloading" their deals. They always have the special of the day which is "the burn" and will sometimes include items that are over 60%-70% discounted from retail price. I think this is where I have bought all of my flashlights in my life, never paying over $15 for a quality headlamp or flashlight. 

3. Ebay: Ebay can be a great way to get discounted items, but I do my research a bit more when buying items from Ebay. I will look up the seller, and check out his/her rating and make sure they seem like someone who is reputable to buy from. A lot of times it can work out well, and I have dumped my fair share amount of money into items off of Ebay. 

4. Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other hunters. Most Facebook groups, guys will list stuff for sale, and sometimes there are some killer deals. I am even in some Facebook groups that are dedicated to selling specific items related to hunting, and these can be a great way to find a super deal on something you need. 

Conclusion: There are a ton of ways to go about getting hunting gear for a discounted price. I have found that these four ways consistently produce the best deals out there. So if you are currently in need of a certain item, I strongly recommend checking these out before you go ahead and pay full price!