3 Hunting Films To Watch This Summer To Get Pumped For Deer Season

By Alex Comstock

This time of the year, anything I can do to scratch my deer hunting itch, I do it. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but it seems to me that every year once bucks start becoming identifiable, I start going deer crazy on another level. There are a few hunting films that I like to watch over and over again, and during the summer, these films get me even more pumped for deer season to get here. 

These three short films are a few of my favorites, and for good reason. They are made by good people, and are also produced very well. If you haven't seen them, I recommend giving them a watch, and if you have seen them, it probably wouldn't hurt to watch them again! With that, here are three films that I think are a must watch before fall arrives. 

Donnie Vincent's The River's Divide

This film takes you along Donnie Vincent's adventure of chasing a buck he called "Steve" in the badlands of North Dakota. This is hands down my favorite short film. I've watched this film probably over twenty times, and I'd bet that I watch it a few more in the next couple of months. The story telling, production, and cinematography is the best I've ever seen. Below, I've included the trailer, and if you want to purchase the film, head over to the website for it here

Game Of Inches

This short film was produced by the media company Rockhouse Motion, and it gives a different look on the values of deer hunting. You can follow along with Dusty Lutt and Aaron Hitchins as they bowhunt for whitetails, and you can see how they define success in much different ways. 

What I loved about this film so much was that it forces you to take a step back, and ask yourself why you hunt, and what makes a successful hunt. Not to mention, when it comes to production, this is as good as it gets. 

Beyond The Roar

This is yet another Rockhouse film, and there is a reason there is two out of the three produced by them on this list. These guys straight up produce some amazing films. This one is a little different given the fact it's not a deer hunting film, but it will still get you pumped up for deer season. 

Two friends Aaron Hitchins and Will O'Brien take on the Yukon in pursuit of an adventure in memory of their good friend Andrew Brose. This film is downright inspiring as these two take on the Yukon wilderness without a guide, find themselves in harsh elements, have to withstand some sketchy situations, and in the process they are doing it for their friend. You'll be glad you watched this one. 


If you watch these and aren't automatically pumped for deer season, I think you may need to find a new hobby! In all seriousness, all of these films are produced at a high level, and are extremely captivating. I think you should enjoy each one of them!