First ATA Show Thoughts and Expectations

By Alex Comstock 

Tomorrow I'll be headed to Indianapolis to attend my first ever ATA show. I'm excited and interested to see exactly what the event will entail. I've heard all about it, and now that I'll be attending, it will be interesting to see what it's all truly about!

Going into the event, I expect it to be fairly crazy with the amount of people that will be there. My goal is to not be "star struck" at all. I can imagine it would be fairly easy to be simply amazed at all of the people, and having so much deer hunting product in front of you. My goal is to soak it all in, and then get to work. 

I think on the first day of the event, which will be Thursday, I'm going to put in a lot of steps covering the show floor, and stopping by as many booths as possible. I'm going to take pictures, and videos of as many new products as possible to show you what is coming around the corner, and what will be new in 2018. I'll probably spend some time shooting new bows as well. 

Overall, I'm interested not only in the event from the product side, but to meet a lot of people I've come to know through running this blog, and social media. I'm also curious to see how people interact with one another as it's no secret that ATA is a major networking opportunity. 

If there's any products or anything you want coverage of, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email. I want to bring you content you want to see! After the show is over, I'll be putting together a video on the whole experience, what I thought of the event and what stood out to me most.